Well hey there.
I'm Amy.

The fun stuff

I live with my husband, Jonathan, three children (ages 11, 10, and 7), and darling Irish Setter/Instagram Starlet in Downers Grove, IL. I'm an avid reader (which is something that will likely rub off on you during our time together), a hoarder of loose-leaf tea, and a lover of animals great and small. When I'm not shooting, parenting, editing, or teaching, you’ll likely find me curled up in bed with a book, a candle, a cup of tea, and, quite possibly, a very large bag of gummy bears.


The important stuff

I've been a full-time child, family, and commercial photographer located on the outskirts of Chicago since 2007. Jonathan's been at my side the whole time. Six years ago, we began teaching our Sweet Shots basic photography classes, and have since personally connected with thousands of local parents through our classes.  These Sweet Shots classes, which I’ve taught to both parents and photographers, have been featured in Huffington Post, Professional Photographer magazine, NAPCP, and more, and we now guide other photographers as they teach the Sweet Shots curriculum we offer nationwide.

Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters: Creators and Directors of the  Shoot Along Project

Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters: Creators and Directors of the Shoot Along Project

Aside from owning and managing our six-figure photography business, I also co-run an annual photography project called Shoot Along, which gives parents the tools they need to capture and document fifty two weeks of their children's beautiful, everyday moments through photography. Through this continuing annual project, we share weekly photography tips, challenges, and interviews with successful photographers. We've been honored to work with nationally recognized photographers such as Dana Pugh, Sarah Cornish, Kevin Cook, Jackie Jean, Lisa Holloway, Michael Kormos, Katelyn James, Michele Anderson, Emily Lucarz, Hilary Camilleri, and Alice Park... just to name a few!

Over the years I've mentored hundreds of photographers, many of whom have gone on to experience major success in thriving businesses of their own. I've hosted eight week photographer workshops that give photographers the resources they need to build their businesses from the bottom-up. Scroll down to read some of these photographers' reviews.

My work and images have been featured in a number of publications including Parents Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, and the Huffington Post. I was featured as one of Daily Candy’s “Top 50 Photographers from Coast to Coast” and have received numerous awards from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers.

So that's a bit about me. If personalized photography coaching sounds interesting, click below and tell me all about YOU!


The information and customized instruction once provided through my Wholehearted Photography coarse is very similar to the experience one will have during a coaching experience with me. Below are just a few of the reviews I've received from those I've worked closely with through this course:


  • "Taking Amy Tripple's Wholehearted Photography course was the best decision for my business! I just started my own photography company last year and was looking for some professional guidance in both creative and business ways. I got all that and much more: Amy is not only an incredibly talented photographer and savvy business person, she is also the most down-to-earth, open-minded and generous person. The course covers all core topics of the business and has very practical hands-on application. I would highly recommend it to photographers of all levels and experiences as it is packed with invaluable ideas and tips. Thank you Amy for sharing your success with us!"


  • "Amy’s class has given me the confidence to grow my photography business. Amy is real, honest, and incredibly talented, and she has provided me with valuable lessons on how to succeed and how to find a balance. It’s exactly what I needed to advance my skills as a photographer."


  • "I am really enjoying the Wholehearted Photography course. I am learning more about photography, editing and marketing than I ever imagined possible. Amy's knowledge is impressive and the encouragement and sharing with our classmates is so enriching."


  • "Taking Amy’s class has been, by far, one of the best photography decisions I have made. In 8 weeks we discussed everything and anything related to photography and as a result I have so much more confidence in myself and in my ability to start my own photography business. Amy is real, honest, hilarious, encouraging, informative, supportive and just an all around wonderful photographer, person, teacher and now friend. Without a doubt I would recommend this class! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and time with us Amy and Jonathan."


  • "Little did I realize exactly how much this class would positively affect my photography and new business! Within 8 weeks, I was able to start a website, learn new editing software, actually take better photos, and become much more educated about all the zillion of things related to having a business. I’m so grateful for Amy and Jonathan for being great communicators and making learning enjoyable! I think I laughed in class as much as I learned! I highly recommend this class!!!"


  • "This class is a must for anyone who wants to improve their photography and start a business! I was so happy with Amy’s class! As a beginner to the business side of photography, I was a little concerned it would be too advanced. Amy does a wonderful job of improving your skill at whatever level you start. Thanks to Amy, my technical work with the camera has improved, as well as my editing and business knowledge. Not to mention some tricks of the trade with posing and interacting with your clients to keep them coming back for more! Amy’s positive energy encourages and inspires. Thank you for a wonderful 8 weeks Amy!"


  • "I took this course to improve my photography skills, but I’m forever grateful to Amy because the class went so much deeper than I could have ever anticipated. I’m a better me. Thanks, Amy!"