What's the investment?

Registration for January coaching session opens
on Tuesday, October 10th.

To apply for the 3 month coaching package, send us an email through our contact page. From there, we'll be in touch to schedule a 20 minute Skype consultation so we can discuss the experience in-person.

3 months of personalized photography coaching - $2800*

five coaching sessions are made available each month.
applicants are considered on a first come, first served basis.


  • A 3 hour “kickoff” session via Skype during which we'll do a comprehensive assessment of where you're currently at on your photography journey.

  • A custom-designed business plan created to get your business up and running or to a place where it’s seriously profitable.

  • Six bi-weekly, 45 minute Skype-based or in-person meetings to give you specific guidance and keep you on-track. Through these meetings, we’ll discuss branding, website construction, pricing, client communication, marketing, camera/ photography skills, equipment, incorporation, taxes, search engine optimization, editing, post-processing workflow, inspiration and balance.

  • A full branding consultation.

  • Email access to me in-between our bi-weekly meetings.

  • Website construction.

  • A full social media marketing plan.


*A 3 month payment plan is available for those
who would like to spread out their investment:

Initial payment: $1,500
(due one week prior to 3 hour kick-off meeting)

Payment #2: $745
(due 30 days after start date)

Payment #3: $745
(due 60 days after start date)


*All outside fees (website subscriptions/domains, design purchases, etc. will be the responsibility of the participant)


“That's a lot of money.
Why should I pay so much for this experience?”

Another awesome question.


You will learn effective pricing strategies and strong marketing tactics. Combined, those two skills are a money-making powerhouse!  You’ll learn what it takes to earn a real, sustainable income… and you’ll learn it quickly. It takes most photographers years to come to a place where they understand how to make adequate money in the photography business. This experience will put you on the fast track to making more money, faster.  One of my main goals in working with you is to get you to a point where you will make your investment in me back… and so much more!

Another reason the investment is highly valuable is that this experience consolidates many of the costs you’d face were you to go about the learning process on your own. Photography workshops, online classes, website construction, branding consultation... they all cost money and that money adds up! Through photography coaching, you’ll gain all of that education and more!

Finally... there's a good chance you’ve already paid this much or more for your camera, lenses, props, editing software, etc.  A strong education is, arguably, far more valuable to a successful business than the next lens you plan to add to your arsenal. Knowledge is power... and will put you in a position to buy that lens sooner than before!


"I'm really interested... but not quite ready to commit..."


I think that's wise. It’s important that we “meet” first to be sure we’re a good fit. I offer a 20 minute complimentary Skype consultation so that I can hear all about you, your business, your hopes, and your dreams… and you can get to know me and ask me as many questions about the experience as you’d like!

Our meeting will be easy and comfortable... like two friends chatting over a cup of coffee (I'll certainly have one in hand!).  I'll share some specifics about what I envision you and I accomplishing together.  It's an opportunity for us to meet so you have the full picture of what our time together will be like.

Zero pressure, 100% easy and friendly... so why not?  Hoping for the chance to meet you soon!